Healthy Cooking

Healthy Cooking with Patrecia

Having Cravings? Feeling Tired? Health Concerns?

Healthy Cooking Classes can Help!

Enjoy learning to cook great tasting, healthy & nutritiuos meals. So much more then a cooking class. Gain Knowledge on how food choices can powerfully effect your health.

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The Power of Nutrition

Protect yourself from disease: such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer's with Healthy Cooking by Patrecia


What can people hope to gain from coming to a nutritional counseling session?

Nutritional consultations provide personalized guidance to help people understand the role food has in their overall health and wellness.

I emphasize how much food matters. The foods we eat can either enhance or weaken our overall health and immune systems. It’s not just about counting calories. it’s about how much real nutrition is in each calorie. In fact, 53% of the American diet is classified as non-foods. When you look at nutrient density within foods; you are looking at the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants they contain. For example, the most nutrient dense foods are leafy green vegetables (Kale, watercress, collards, mustard greens) these are the ones we should be eating the most of and yet are the most lacking in the American diet.

So, the food we eat matters because people who eat nutrient dense foods live longer, healthier lives.

What’s the difference between your healthy cooking class and other cooking classes or the shows on the Food Network?

Not only are my classes cooking demonstrations, they are geared to cooking for wellness. They include an instructional component devoted to a specific topic such as: Weight Loss, Stress, Cravings, ADHD/ADD, Hypertension, Diabetes, Healthy Snacks, and Quick Meals.

In addition, I teach multiple cooking styles within each class such as sautéed, baked, water cooked, steamed, blanching, broiling, and roasting which creates a holistic, balanced menu. And they are fun!

What can I expect during a healthy cooking class?

A. You will enjoy learning to cook healthy, nutritious meals for you and your family. Menus with seasonal, organic and locally grown foods which are prepared and sampled. The focus of each class is to make healthier choices, cook for wellness, and create great tasting, easy, balanced meals from nutritional whole foods.